On Top of Their Game

By the late 50’s The Mary Kaye Trio was well established as a household word in the Nevada and California markets. As celebrities, everyone got involved. In 1958, a local entertainment magazine featured the children of the Trio. Frank Ross’ daughter, Shallan, on accordion, Mary Kaye’s son, Jay, on Guitar, Norman’s son, John, on piano. The article queried if they would all be future musicians. Jay Kaye was known as “The Blue Messiah” in Spain where he died in 2015. John Kaye has several music projects going, including the “Overlords ” band .  Neither of Frank’s children pursued a music career, Frank Jr. lives in Southern California, and Shallan is currently living in Hawaii. Mary’s daughter Donna lives in Las Vegas and her son Jeffery lives in Southern California. Norman’s children John, Richard, Donny and Sherri live in Las Vegas.


While traveling oversees Nat King Cole introduces the incoming Trio with Victor Borga applauding them. The Trio appeared at the The Chevron Hilton in Sydney, Australia. While there, they co-hosted ” The Mobil Limb Show ” & became the first to entertain at the “Sydney Opera House ” by filming a song at the unfinished Sydney Amphitheater . The Trio traveled with Sean Connery to London where they played at the ” Talk Of The Town”.  They met The Beatles, Richard & Sybil Burton, Peter O’Toole, Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black and other English celebrities at an after-party held in their honor. The Trio were highly publicized and recognized in many countries during the last decade of their career. Fans and celebrities would attend performances whenever they appeared.